Life in the vortex

The best way to manifest your dreams with the law of attraction is to be in the vortex, but what does that mean? Being in the vortex is being high vibe, as well as spending time in your akashic records (a modality I teach to my business clients in my one to one packages). It is the holding energetic space for all of your desires. The more you spend time in there, the easier your big vision will manifest. This is the revolution in business. Doing business with ease and grace. Being supported by the Universe. Feeling energised when you work and having the most amazing opportunities some your way as if by magic. That is life in the vortex. 

Thank you for signing up for my 5 days in the Vortex challenge. We will be sharing our findings in my Facebook group called Ange's fabulous Big Vision Incubator. You will be receiving one email per day starting on Sunday the 23rd of August. In the meantime, I wish you a prosperous journey. 

Big love from Ange de Lumiere, Author, Spiritual Lawyer and Intuitive Business Strategist.
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